My Silk and Willow Experience

When I first heard of Silk and Willow, it was during the January 2015 Develop Retreat when we began our styled sessions one day. They incorporated a beautiful piece of pink silk ribbon into the bouquet and told us a bit about the company. From then, I went to follow them on Instagram and would gawk at the beauty of their work. And that was it… Until one day recently when I was sitting at my desk thinking of how I can add some new flare and décor into my packaging. I finally went to Silk and Willow’s website and from there, I was in awe. I am pretty sure I spent at least 2 hours going back and forth on their website to decide on what I wanted to try. And I was completely fine with that since their website is absolutely gorgeous and their work is phenomenal. I found what I wanted to purchase and placed my order. When I got their package in the mail a few days later, I couldn’t wait to open it! It was seriously like the amazing website experience all over again! I loved everything from the paper their invoice was printed on to all of the crinkle paper that filled the box to protect my new treasures. As I opened the box, they had more information about their ribbon and as I opened the deep purple tissue paper, it revealed more of my order that I had been anticipating to open and use. 

I settled on a package of their “Snips and Bits” to get a feel of their ribbon and to possibly incorporate those pieces into some sessions.

After looking through the Snips and Bits, I got to the drawstring bag. Although I ordered a size too big for what I am looking for, I know it will come into use at some point. I really wanted to order that to see the bag and feel it with my own hands and man, it is worth the purchase! I can’t wait to order some smaller ones to put my USB’s in for the most amazing clients ever.

And last but certainly not least, the beautiful, natural twine wrapped around the cutest spool I have ever seen. I was fortunate enough to receive all of the items before a package of mine had to be delivered and got to use the twine in the packaging! It was LOVELY! 

If you’re in the creative industry like me and are looking for a place to go for new packaging ideas, items to incorporate into some styled shoots, if you’re a bride looking for some unique items for your wedding, look no further. My experience with Silk and Willow was fantastic and I highly recommend them to you!